April 7, 2010

This name "momma" melts my heart

One of my boys has been obsessed with saying "momma" for the last two weeks. They both have been able to say it for a while now but for some reason he is saying it all the time. Although I may hear it  fifty times a day, it never gets old to me, I love it! "Dadda" was their first word and "momma" didn't come until much later. So, naturally I am very fond of hearing them call me this. "Momma" The sound of this word coming from their little voices melts my heart everytime. I've waited a long time to hear this word, to be called by this name and I want to cherish it.

April 4, 2010


This morning I set out Easter baskets for the boys. They were more excited about them than I originally thought they would be.

There wasn't a whole lot to the baskets. They each had a stuffed animal, new sippy and plastic eggs. No candy, they just aren't interested in eating it......yet anyway!
The thing they like the most though, was the Cheerios inside a few of the eggs.
It's the little things that make them happy and I have learned a lot from that.

As I type this I hear whining coming from their room where they were playing. I believe we may have to have an early nap just to get through the morning. That's just life with toddlers!