February 24, 2012

Celebrating 4

Last Sunday we celebrated the twins turning 4 with a party.
We had it at a park because playing outside is their absolute favorite thing to do.
So glad we got lucky with the weather.
It rained and rained the whole day before but on Sunday we had clear skies.
It was somewhat chilly and my goodness, the wind was crazy but after about an hour it died down some and warmed up just a bit. By the time it was over the weather was perfect.

I wanted to share some photos with you all.
Pulling this party together was so fun. I loved it!

Invitations designed by Emily Kinsaul

The general theme of the party was "turning 4" with a little outdoor rustic and fish. (Goldfish crackers are the boys favorite snack. They would seriously eat them all day long if I let them.)

The bunting was cut from different fabrics and then sewn onto a piece of twine.

Our picnic lunch menu consisted of homemade chicken & noodles, mac&cheese, fruit cups (cantaloupe, grapes, and pineapple), slice bread, goldfish crackers, teddy grahams, and sugar cookies.

I had to leave the plastic on the plates and napkins since the wind was so crazy.

Love this cake stand! I put it together using tart and cake pans I found a our local thrift store and some cans. Everything went for a wash through the dishwasher and then I used cement glue to piece it all together. (Side note: the glue I used was not successful in keeping everything together. I'll have to try another kind.)  

The cupcakes.......Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. So yummy!
I discovered the recipe here from Bake at 350. I left out the cookie dough from the center. They're super sweet all on their own. Also, I made the frosting version that Bake at 350 made.
The brown sugar frosting is amazing!

Homemade lollipops were one of the party favors I had for the kids to take home.
Flavors: Vanilla (tastes like cotton candy), Lemon, and Strawberry.

I'll post my recipe for them in a bit. :)

Stuffed fish in the basket that had a tag on the front saying "adopt a fish".
Originally I wanted to have real goldfish to send home but my wonderful husband reminded me how big a commitment that was to put on someone else. He was right, of course! Fabric fish were the next best thing.

Don't you agree? Isn't he just the cutest little stuffed fish?! The best part for me was Brett wanting to give his fish kisses. Just the sweetest!

We had a pinata this year and it was a big hit.
I used this tutorial here from The Sweetest Occasion. Cereal boxes, masking tape, and tissue paper. So easy!

One of my boys doesn't eat chocolate at all. Not that they eat cake either but I made him a couple cupcakes without chocolate chips just in case he decided to try it.

Still finding it hard to believe they're four already. Time flies when you're having so much fun!