August 19, 2012


Our week of rest was marvelous. David took a week of vacation from work. Classes haven't started yet so, last week meant no work and no school. It was wonderful!
We decided not to do any traveling and just spend time together at home.
Reading, cleaning, singing songs ("itsy bitsy spider" is best when you sing it 20+ times a day), etc.
Also, I decided on a whim that I would stay off facebook this week as part of my self-reflecting and refocusing. The break was much needed. I am feeling mentally rested, which was the purpose of said break.

With all our spare time we.........

- made several trips to different parks after having early dinners together.

- washed and detailed our Mazda.....milk and juice stained carpets no more.

- had this yummy chicken fried rice.

- finished a sweet little gift

- took late afternoon naps

- cleaned rooms from top to bottom

- car rides around town just to listen to music and get out of our apartment

- went for a walk at one of our local walking trails (little boys just wanted to play in the woods)

- baked these chocolate chip cookies

- watched football games (you can't skip pre-season games) Ha!

- completed all the "itty bitty" bags for Blog Fete

- afternoon coffee and sewing

- watched a movie - "The Grey" (Liam Neeson is great in all the movies I have ever seen him in.)

We will be back to our normal busy starting tomorrow.
Savoring this last day and looking forward to another break in December.

Side note: can you believe August is almost over?!! This summer flew by.

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