March 31, 2010

2 turning 2

My babies are now two years old. It doesn't seem possible, they are growing up way too fast. I keep a daily planner on my kitchen counter but I don't use it for the usual scheduling of plans. In this planner I do my best to write down the little things that happen in our day, things that I know I'd forget it I didn't put pen to paper. Although I try to keep up with the writing, somedays I don't get anything down.  I'm only human.
Anyway, my babies turned two and we had a fun filled weekend with them. We started on Saturday taking them to Build a Bear. I think this was maybe more for us than for them because when we arrived they were only interested in running around the store. This makes me laugh everytime I think about it. Twenty minutes passed and they were still running and still weren't interested in making a bear or any other animal for that matter. Now it was up to me to pick them out and let me tell you it was fun. I chose a monkey for one and a tiger for the other. I was successful in getting the boys to kiss the heart before we placed it inside, that being the end of their participation. Upon finishing at the store we went to have dinner at their favorite place to eat, Chick-Fil-A!
They giggled and squealed as we walked inside the resturant, loving every minute of their time there.
Sunday we went to the park to play. Oh, how they love to be outside in the sunshine. We had a blast chasing them around. I know they enjoyed it as well.
Sunday night we gave them CAKE! They are funny boys though because they don't like sweets, so naturally they weren't into the cupcakes. Neither one wanted to eat them. We took pictures (one of the boys cried the entire time) and then they were done. Someday I know they will be happy on their birthday and someday they will probably eat cake. For now, we will just enjoy the park and taking pictures of them with their cakes.

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