June 3, 2011

Hand Print Canvases

One of the projects from our summer list is to make hand print canvases.
They turned out wonderfully.
I love them.
The idea was borrowed from Becky Higgin's blog. She's pretty amazing.
I wanted to the boys to do as much as they could in the painting process.
They did great.
Both worked on painting the canvas a solid color and all was going smoothly.
Until Brett ate some of the paint.
This caused him to throw up, leaving a stinky blue mess behind.
We also had friends over for this project.
 Thank you for not running from the puke.
She's a mom too and knows all about puking but still, thank you! 

I finished painting the background for them. After they dried we put the hand prints on.
Super cute! I love them!
Did I mention, super cute?
They're on display in our living room. They make me smile.

Here's what we used:
6"x6" canvases from Micheal's
acrylic paint
paint bushes

Action Shot

#14 on our summer list

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  1. Those are so adorable!! Love it!