March 11, 2012

Trains & Curtains

Lately the boys have been all about this train track set they received for their birthday over a year ago.
They ask for help in putting it together but inevitable put it apart with all their moving around.
I've heard great things about these Suretrack clips and will most likely be ordering some.

They have plenty of trains but we haven't been able to find them. (most likely they're under the beds, lol) so they've been using their cars instead. Pretty much the same thing. I'm a girl, what do I know.

When you're hands are full you can always use your mouth. Tasty cars. Oh, my!

On another note, it's been almost 5 years since David and I were married. We've lived in three different homes together. Our first home together we only had curtains in the Master bedroom, we lived there 2 years. In our second home I only managed to get a valance up in the boy's room, we lived there 2 years. Our current home we've lived in just over 6 months and I'm proud to say the boy's room has curtains. Yay!

The light this morning was making it hard to photography.

Later that night. I'm loving the farm sitting on the window sill.

Working on getting some curtains up in our living room. We'll see how long that takes. lol

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