June 2, 2012


When company comes I try to make sure I spoil them with delicious things to eat.

So, when my parents and five siblings came for a visit this week, I tried to pull out all the stops.
Just so you know, eating isn't the only thing we do when we're together but it is a big part of our time.
With that many people you have to get creative with your menu.

Fresh baked bread. It went perfect with the creamy chicken and wild rice soup I made for dinner.
 (sorry, no pics of the soup)

Cheesecake for dessert. I've talked about this recipe before over here. So good!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
My youngest sister loves them the most. I always make them just for her.

Pasta Salad, watermelon, and the last of the bread for lunch.

Joe's Crab Shack one night. My, they are a good looking bunch. :o)

We were able to celebrate my youngest brother's birthday while they were here.
He turned 17!
Oh my gosh! I don't know when this happened.
We had fajita chicken/cheese quesadillas with tortilla chips and homemade salsa. (sorry, no pic)
Chocolate chip cupcakes were a big hit. (just don't think about how much butter is in there) lol

Happy Birthday, Bill! We love you!

Sad they had to leave so soon but we had tons of fun having them all here.
Come over again very soon!

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