June 19, 2012

happy dad's day!

First, I'd like to announce that my wonderful husband is the most amazing dad to our boys.
To say that they adore him, is kind of an understatement. He is their favorite person, their buddy, the tickle monster, the sometimes re-director, their comforter, and YouTube video watching pal.
So, to celebrate this amazing man, husband, and dad we..........

Let him sleep in til about 10am.

Took him out for pizza at Red Zep.

His choice for activities.....kicking the soccer ball around our local college campus. (they have some seriously great fields)

Long afternoon nap.

I made herbed shrimp pasta for dinner.

Then we ended the evening with dessert (homemade strawberry shortcake) on our back porch.

It was a pretty great day! I think he enjoyed just being able to spend the day together.
The feeling is mutual. ;o)

Some of my favorite photos from the day:

Hope you had a great weekend!

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