September 20, 2010

Decorating for Fall

I love FALL! It is one of my favorite seasons. Watching the leaves change, enjoying the cool weather,  the comfort of soups and breads. So, my nap time crafting continues. lol To start out my crafting and decorating this season I put together a trio of wreaths. I put together a tutorial so I could share it with you. It is very easy to assemble these and they were low cost.
The cast of characters.......three small twig wreaths, artificial berry sprigs and ribbon. That's it! Easy so far, right?
(After I put them together I decided against the green ribbon for this project but it was already in this picture. Oops.)

Next, I cut the berry sprigs apart and slid them between the twigs. They fit pretty tight so there was no need to glue them in place.
I added some more berries.......

and some more until it was nice and full.

Tied on different lengths of ribbon and........

there you have it. Three sweet wreaths to welcome us at the door.

Love, love, love how they turned out!
Also, I wanted to share this cute little piece of happiness that I put together
with some scraps of fabric and ribbon.

Isn't it just so sweet?!!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed looking around!