January 31, 2011


It always amazes me at how fast our days go by. One moment your planning and setting goals for the new year the next moment that first month is over. I have to say though that this year's goals are still hanging around. One of these being to simple BE with my family. That they can have all of my attention whenever we're together. The dishes can wait, the floors don't have to be vacuumed right now, the clean laundry can sit on my bed a few hours longer, because simply being with my family has to be more important. This has always been a thought in my head but I seem to have a hard time putting it into practice. Now that I've made it a conscious decision I find it easier and easier to follow through.
Another thing that's keeping me on track is the Project Life album that I'm putting together. Looking for the images that capture our everyday is inspiring. I'll be posting pictures of each week so you can follow along.

Ali Edwards One Little Word has inspired me to find my own little word for 2011. While thinking about what my word should be, love seemed to stick. I questioned whether this really was my word for the year but every time I tried to put another word in there it just didn't feel right. So, love it is. I think it's likely that I needed this word because it is something I feel I need to work on. Loving life. Loving the everyday moments that seem so dull sometimes. Loving my family more and going out of the way to show it. Loving people. Just simply love. What's your word for this year?

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