December 19, 2011

Cookie Exchange Party

Saturday night a few amazing moms brought some really scrumptious treats over to trade.
Everyone brought enough cookies to give away 6 to each guest and some for sampling at the party.
I loved seeing every one's packaged goodies.
We had a contest for most creative packaging.
One winner.
Super cute little jars of Santa Hat Party Mix.
With all the sweet stuff we were in need of something savory. I was running way behind and didn't have all the appetizers ready before but with the help of a couple friends we were able to get it put together. I love having people in my kitchen, chatting, laughing, cooking, tasting.

Festive prizes for the games. One was Christmas trivia. Fun.

All the packaged cookies together.

The appetizers - mini caprese bites, potato bites, and creamy pumpkin soup.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Butter Cookies (similar to sugar cookies but much softer)
You can't see it here but she put snowflake window decals on the tops of the plastic lids.
So creative!

Hello Dolly Cookies
Time ran out for getting these recipe cards decorated like the others. Sorry Leanne. :o(

Santa Hat Party Mix
Aren't these jars super cute. I just love them.
 She won the prize for the most creative packaging.

Graham Cracker Nut Bars

Candy Cane Cookies
These were mine.
I love making these every year.
 I think they're my favorite holiday cookie to bake.
So festive!

We did have one other type of cookie, Orange No-Bake Cookies,
 but they needed to be refrigerated and never were photographed.

Such a fun night.
Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have you ever hosted a Cookie Exchange Party?
What did you do different?
Or have you attended one that was different from this one?
I'd love to hear from YOU.

I think this is going to become an annual thing for me.
LOVE hosting!

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