February 23, 2011


Hello 3.

Hello big boys.

Hello whole new year.

Sunday, we celebrated B & F turning three! A party at the park, with gorgeous weather and wonderful friends. It was the perfect day!
The twins are BIG fans of running and climbing, so I know they enjoyed their day.

I've had a few projects going on around here lately (okay, so maybe it was more like a couple months) getting ready for the big day and thought I'd share them with you.


Pendent banner: The banner was made by cutting triangles out of different fabrics that matched the party theme. Using a ruler, I measured the size I wanted on a scrap piece of printer paper, cut out my triangle and used this as my template for cutting the fabric. Then I hand stitched the top corners of each triangle to a long piece of twine. A simple X was all it took to keep the twine and fabric together. These can be made a long or as short as you want. As you can see, I made a mini one for the large yellow bucket as well.

For the "happy birthday" banner I cut my design for the pendents out of white card stock to use as my background. The letters were cut from my Making Memories SLICE machine, but you could use the CRICUT or any other device, even sticker letters if you wanted. The green stripes were cut from green card stock. Everything was attached with acid free glue, I like the Scotch brand the best. I folded the top of each pendent piece over a long piece of twine and taped the back, this kept everything secure.

Mini Chalkboard: A little chalkboard paint (picked mine up at WalMart) some black acrylic paint, a spare rectangle piece of wood and chalk is all it took to make this cute little sign. You can be as creative as you want with it. I wanted mine to be simple, putting the chalkboard paint only on the front side and covering the rest of the exposed wood with black paint. Just follow the directions on the bottle of chalkboard paint for drying times.

Favor bags: I used some natural muslin to sew little bags to hold the party favors. I wanted them to be personalized for each child. Alphabet stencils and acrylic paint were used on the bottom to spell out their names.

Fun little favors. My two absolutely love bubbles!
Just love how these turned out. I hand stitched each one. They were so worth the time.
These cupcakes were scrumptious. I cheated and used box cake mix but instead of adding the water like it says, I put in the same amount of sparkling white grape juice. The frosting is the same as the Strawberry Champagne frosting but without the strawberries.
No will power with these babies! Ha!
I'm so blessed to be "mama" to these little guys! Love you B & F!


  1. Whomever you hired as your photographer did an amazing job! :o)

  2. Lol I didn't pay her enough. Oh, wait she was free but she definitely did an amazing job! ;o)
    Thanks for taking such great pictures for us!