February 28, 2011

Project Life Week 1

I'm alittle behind (okay, maybe really behind) on posting about my project life weeks. The Project Life kit from Becky Higgins is incredible. It comes with everything you need to document a year or whatever you choose to use it for. I talked about it here too!
I am loving how this album allows me to document our everyday lives. Even looking back over the last two months is amazing. The little stories that make me smile, that I want to remember are here and I just love that.
My approach with this is simply to take photos that show our lives right now everyday. I place printing orders through Shutterfly every few weeks but it's working for me. I don't want to be stressed about the printing part, my focus is on the documenting part.This has really had an impact on how I see each day. I'm always looking for the little things that make our story unique. The things that I know will change over time as the twins grow. It's also helping me focus more on my "one little word" , LOVE.

Loving my life, my family, everyday. Being truly happy everyday. Focusing on this thought every morning when I wake. Counting my blessings.  Being content. It's working!

Week One:

I wanted the first page of the album to be full of family pictures. These were taken by Lindsay De Photography and even though they aren't from January they were close enough.

Week one January 2011

Whether you are working with the project life kit or just putting together a scrapbook, be inspired to document life, the everyday.
Thanks for visiting our story!

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