July 7, 2011

Kind of funny.

So, I was watching my two littles play with their favorite toy of the day (Melissa & Doug Alphabet blocks) when I noticed something. They were both sorting and gathering the blocks into mini piles of red and yellow facing up. This is not an uncommon thing for them to do. Only, this is the first time I realized they both do it. I think in all the times I've been witness to this behavior I hadn't put the two together. So, the slightly interesting/funny thing is that they were doing it together this afternoon. How cool is that? Okay, maybe only a mom would think it was cool but now you know too. Ha!

I did get some pretty cute photos of them though. *happy sigh* Most of the time it feels like it's work to get their photo but today the daylight coming through the window was perfect. The littles cooperated just a little better too.

He was making a "motor" noise.

I guess that's one way to play with blocks. lol

Have a great night!

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