October 15, 2012

(first) home

We have been feeling slightly under the weather over here. Really feeling more blah than sick, it still stinks though. Since I've just been hanging around the house, I thought I would share some fun photos of our homes. From the first home David and I shared, to now.
Sound like fun?
Great! Grab a cup of coffee and hang out for a bit.
Maybe you will get a good chuckle out of our homes different styles and the changes that have occurred.
I have. *wink

Our first home.......
Photos are from the day we moved in to a couple months before we moved out.

Living room

Dining room


*note....this South Park poster left our house shortly after it arrived.
Master bedroom

Built-in nook in the hallway

Extra room
This room went through the most dramatic transformation. One of my amazing brothers covered the wall of mirrors and my mom and one of my sisters did the painting before the boys were born. They were a huge help getting our nursery ready for babies. Thanks guys!

I guess I'll have to make this a three part series.
Next home coming soon!
 *Fun fact about my blog:
 I already passed the total number of posts from previous years and we are only in October.
Silly, but I'm pretty excited about it. :o)


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