October 16, 2012

(second) home

Yesterday's post was fun. I love a good before and after.
How about you?
So, moving on to our second home.
Law school student means apartment living.
As an adult, this has been my first experience living in an apartment. It hasn't been awful but I will be so happy when we are living in a house with a yard again.
Two boys and only a porch of our own can be difficult at times. Yikes!

Alright, here we go......photo are from moving in, to unpacking, and a few from right before we moved out.

Living room

For some reason this is the last photo I can find of the living room here. It was taken before I painted the walls too. I think I might have misplaced some photos. Oops!  
Dining room

Again, these are the only photos I could find after painting the walls and trim. So weird that I can't find other ones. I thought I took more than this. Oh, well! 


Master bedroom
Boy's room
This is the most before photo I have of their room. I put their room together the fastest so they could have a space that was a little normal/familiar. This move was really hard on them. 

While living here, their room went through several changes due to painting the walls, changing to toddler beds, and then to twin beds.
Toddler room
Big boy room
That's it! I am seriously disappointed in myself for not taking more photos. Hmm....
Our current home photos are coming soon, so be sure to check back here. 

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