October 18, 2012

newborn gift

Technically, this gift is more for the mom than the baby but still so very sweet.
An original Simple October large zippered pouch (not available in shop.....yet. if you are interested in purchasing one, just send me a message, I'm more than happy to work with you.)
But......I digress.
This adorable zippered pouch is fantastic for short trips when you only want to take a couple diapers and wipes with you but you don't want the entire diaper bag. Everything you need fits nicely into the pouch, then toss it into your purse or carry it by itself.

Or maybe mom needs it for her stuff. Because moms need things too, you know?! It could carry an extra shirt (for when baby spits up right after you arrive at your destination), and is large enough to hold so much more.

I also included a couple matching burp cloths, wipes, and powder. I just couldn't leave the bag empty.


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