October 27, 2012

Fall Mini Scrapbook 2012

I've been busy preparing for my Fall Mini Scrapbook Workshop.
Last year's was a blast, as was the workshop I had in the spring.

This year the Fall colors are a little softer and sweeter.
The little pumpkins make me happy.
I just love them.

I'm so looking forward to this workshop and it's coming up in two weeks. So excited! 


  1. Super cute!!!

    ~Kelly B.

  2. So beautiful. Odd question. I love love love these little albums, but I imagine you have quite a few now. Do you have a special shelf for them or do you have a memory box you store them in over time?

    1. Thank you! I usually just store them on one of our bookshelves with other mini albums. I want to move them to a memory box, just to keep the dust away. But when I bring my fall decor out I bring these albums out to put on display as well. They are my favorite pieces of decor.