August 25, 2010

Always Growing

It seems like I find myself in this same place time and time again. Going through out grown clothes. It's only natural, really, to go through this over and over again. Still it always catches me off guard. I know when it's coming, the simple fact that the twins are growing up makes that pretty clear. Last night I went through the twins clothes, pulling out the ones that no longer fit. Doing this simple task alone brings tears to my eyes, an ache in my heart. The realization that my babies are growing up. They will never again be infants, small and sweet with their intoxicating baby scent. They are toddlers now, little boys full of energy. In a few years we plan to try for another little addition to our family. The thought occurs to me yesterday, as it always does when I'm doing a task such as this, that maybe this is it. What if we aren't able to have another?! Panic sets in and I think, "Maybe I shouldn't be so hasty to give away all our baby items. What if this was it?". I regain my calm, I'm able to assess the fact that passing them on to others who need them is a worthy reason for me to be hasty in giving them away. After all, they may not be wanted after too long a time and then I'll be left keeping them in storage. As I tell myself over and over the reasons for such changes and how everything is going to work out, I remember, as I did the last time, that if all else fails we have been blessed with the most amazing twins boys. It's at that moment I love them even more.

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