August 28, 2010

Fountain Splashes

My husband and I have started taking the twins to the mall on Friday nights just to let them walk around without the stroller. One of the best parts (the twins think this is the best part as well) is the outdoor shopping area. That's where the fountains are.........I think you can guess why the twins would think this was the best part. WATER!
Yes, this is my son, the climber extraordinaire! Watching him take running leaps toward the fountain is something quite incredible to see. He has no fear about doing such things.

He was so excited to be outside, next to this glorious fountain, with arms and hands free from being held that he was screeching with delight.
Daddy had to get a hold of this climber. I was so sure he was going to make it inside before we could stop him. Thanks daddy, for coming to the rescue!

I adore these nights out with my little family! They are what make my heart sing!
So, here you have another night with the Kinsaul family!

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