August 8, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Hot Air Balloon Festival was this weekend, a Friday and Saturday event. We went for our fill of local festivities yesterday. It was everything you'd expect to find at an event such as this.......crowds of people, loud music filling the air, hot weather that was pure torture, the smells of expensive but delicious carnival food, etc.
After walking around for a while we settled on a spot of grass in a bit shade from nearby tree. A huge relief after being out in the sun.  
I packed the twins a picnic dinner. We were there right at dinner time and they would prefer to eat chicken nuggets from home than anything else.
The twins ran around in the grass(with us chasing after them) after they finished dinner. Because of the heat though, they both migrated back to the stroller and climbed in. Absolutely hilarious to me! They are always crying to get out of it when they are in it and here they are climbing in of their own free will.
Ummm....for those of you who may not know, water bottles are a great source of entertainment.
Helicopter rides aren't for me but I'm glad other people enjoy them.

It was a simply gorgeous day, HOT but definitely gorgeous.
How scrumptious is this funnel cake? I'll tell was divine! 
My very silly husband!
I'm sorry to report that in the end this was all we were able to see of the hot air balloons.....the baskets.
We were there waiting and waiting, it didn't look like they were even close to setting up the balloons. Then the meltdowns started. I can't say that I blame them, it was hot out there. Plus, bedtime was getting closer and closer. So, we left. We took our sweaty, adorable, exhausted, sweet little boys home to get a bath and go to bed. In my mind though the entire trip was well worth it. I loved every minute of it, the heat, the crowds, the smells and sounds but especially being out with my little family.

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