November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

It was just the four of us again this year. We had a great day spending time together, the food was delicious (if I do say so myself), the boys were happy. There was only one thing I was missing terribly...........our families. For some reason this year was really hard for me not being around our them for the holiday. I called my mom an umpteen number of times for random reasons and once just because. (I just love her)
Thank goodness for modern day technology, which made it possible to seem like we were closer than we were Also, I got to chat with one of my brothers and a sister, plus my Grandpa who's visiting them.
Anyway, we really did have a nice day just the (4) of us. David said my turkey was amazing! (I love it when he compliments my cooking.) I helped the boys with an "Turkey Day" project. Something fun for little hands.
A little FYI every Thanksgiving I use some scraps of paper and a dab of acrylic paint to stamp the boys hand prints. I love looking back at how their hands have grown but don't remember to do things like this at other times. So, I make it a point to do it every year at this same time so I don't forget.
Mainly though, I'm thankful for some many blessings. Little things and big things. Our little family, good health, getting D through another semester of law school, for little people that make me smile & laugh, for groceries and paid bills, for parents and in-laws, sisters and brothers, new additions, grandparents, for you(yes, you, for taking time to read this) for love. There is so much more that I'm thankful for but I'd be typing for a while if I put it all down. Thanks for spending some time here at Our Story!
Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!

Playing outside on our porch. They love to be outside.

Tickling daddy's hair.

Coloring our turkey project.

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