November 20, 2010

Walking in my first 5K

This morning I put on my walking shoes and headed out for a good cause. I was apart of the St. Jude's Give Thanks 5K. Just being able to say that is amazing to me.  300 to 400 people showed up for this event and it was quite phenomenal. With me this morning were two of my closest friends, some new friends and tons of people I didn't know. But we were all walking for the same reason. That's pretty amazing to me. I'm already looking forward to doing this again.

It was absolutely incredible to be in the midst of this crowd of people!


  1. Great pictures! Can you send them to me? Also post them on meet-up!

  2. Emily! I was supposed to donate to this! I am so sorry. Is it too late?

  3. Leanne, they should be on meet-up, I posted them yesterday.

    Patty, it's alright! I'll hit you up the next time around. ;o)