November 16, 2011

Thankful Days 15 & 16

Day 15:

I'm thankful to have a working washer and dryer in our apartment. One of the knobs on our dry broke Monday night causing it not to turn on. Yesterday we submitted our request and they came out that day to fix the problem. I'm grateful for their prompt response. Just the idea of sitting in a laundry mat with 2 three year old boys while our clothes dried........let's just say it might have been really, really hard.

Day 16:

Thankful for parents. Mine. David's. They are wonderful and I love them so. My mom is the one who let me make messes in her kitchen and on her dining room table. She allowed me to cultivate my talents and be creative on my own. I'm sure part of that was so she wouldn't have to cook dinner every now and then but I'm grateful for that time. It was just the beginning of my cooking and creating adventures. Thanks Mom!
David's mom is the best mother-in-love EVER! She is such an encouragement to me and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

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