November 21, 2011

Thankful Days 19, 20 & 21

Wow! Am I behind on my thankful days or what?!! I have a somewhat good excuse though. The twins just dropped all naps this weekend. Which means no quiet time in the afternoon and really long days.
Big change but their both sleeping better at night, the reason for quiting naps.

Day 19:

I'm thankful for time with my little family. When we can be together without a lot of distractions and our focus is on each other, this is home for me.

Day: 20

I'm thankful for dreams. I recently had a dream that my boys were saying one word, "apple", over and over. They would say it every time I asked them too. I was ecstatic, running around to everyone I could find saying, "Listen, he can say 'apple'! It's amazing, look, he's saying it again!" I woke with refreshed hope that they will eventually speak.

Day: 21

I'm thankful for the boys' new morning wake up time. It's been after 7am all weekend which is a far cry from what had become the norm of 6:00 -6:15am. This morning I was able to get up and ready for the day before they came out of their room. Awesome!

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